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Paint-grade Shelving is designed for those customers who intend to paint their shelving or have HouseWerks apply a colored lacquer finish. There is no reason to pay extra for more expensive veneers if they are going to be covered with paint.

HouseWerks' Paint-Grade and Lacquer-Grade/Stain-Grade shelving are both made from the same thickness (0.75") lumber and have the same weight-bearing capacity. Paint-Grade Shelving may have slight imperfections in the veneer which have been fixed with a wood filler. None of these imperfections can be seen when the shelves have been painted. The only difference between the two grades of shelving is cosmetic. If you painted both Lacquer-Grade/Stain-Grade shelving and Paint-Grade shelving - you couldn't distinguish between the two. They would be identical in all respects.

The shelves and vertical supports are made from HouseWerks’ choice of woods.

With Paint-Grade Shelves, you may select any of the shelving options offered with other grades of wood, except for those which relate to the finish.

The only two finishes that are available with Paint-Grade shelving are as follows:

    •   Unfinished - lightly sanded and in some cases a partial coat of primer paint to test imperfections.

    •   Colored Lacquer Finish - this finish available in either black or white
          The black and white lacquers are opaque, so that you can't see the wood grain.

Paint-Grade Shelving is the least expensive shelving and is subject to the same quantity discounts available for lacquer/stain-grade shelving.

The price of Paint-Grade Shelving for the three shelving styles is as follows:

        Classic Style Shelving  ............................  $17.95/linear foot

        Elegant Closet Style Shelving  .................  $14.95/linear foot

        ThinLine Closet Style Shelving  ................  $10.95/linear foot

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