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Most shelving layouts fall into one of the following four categories or are a combination of two or more categories:

    1.   Single Wall Shelving Layout - shelves all attach to the same wall and are usually the same length, but do not need to be,

    2.   Inside Corner Shelving Layout - shelves are attached to two adjacent walls, with the shelves on each wall facing each other,

    3.   Outside Corner Shelving Layout - shelves are attached to two adjacent walls, but the shelves on each wall do not face each other, and

    4.   Bower Shelving Layout - a shelving layout in which some of the shelves are adjacent to an opening in the unit on at least two sides. The opening, which is usually rectangular, is to incorporate a bed, entertainment center, wet bar, art work, or some other object into the design of the shelving unit. Some shelves extend the full length of the shelving unit on the top and/or bottom. Shelves on one or both sides of the object may, or may not be of equal length.

Other layouts are usually a variation of, or combination of, the layouts described above. There are endless arrays of HouseWerks Custom Shelving possible. A few are shown in the photographs below.

To receive a free price quote for any custom shelving design layout you specify, please visit our "Quick Quote" price calculator page.

To assist you in determining the type of wood and finish would look best with the Classic Layout you have selected, be sure examine the additional photographs available.


Single Wall Layout

Display your art on HouseWerks® Custom Shelving, shown here in Walnut (left) along a hallway and in Birch (below) in a home office.


      One of the many variations possible of the single wall layout, the shelving unit to the left, with shelves of varying lengths, accents the side wall of a open stairway. The shelving draws attention to the stairway and adds architectural interest to the room.


Organize your dry goods on our beautiful Birch Shelving (right) with the Clear Lacquer Finish.

Even in small pantries or closets, our shelving is the perfect addition to add elegance and functionality to your storage areas.


      Another example of our single wall layout shelving in Oak (left) shows how it can be installed wall-to-wall. The open shelving design allows for easy accessibility. Unlike bulky store-bought units, furniture such as beds or sofas can be placed directly in front of the shelving.

The shelving unit to the right is wall-mounted, which means that the vertical supports do not extend to the floor. All of the weight is supported by screws driven through the back and side trim into the studs in the walls. This layout is ideal for open shelving in kitchens over countertops, in the family room, home office over desks, entertainment centers, sofas, etc. These wall-mounted shelves have been loaded with magazines and cinder blocks for five years without sagging.

Whenever possible, extend wall-mounted shelving to the side walls for additional support. Without the support from the side walls, the shelving to the right would not support this weight loading.

Inside Corner Layout

Shelves under a bay of windows in the corner provide neat but accessible storage for books, collectibles, memorabilia, or artwork. In this configuration, the left side of the shelving unit is 5 feet wide and the right part is 6 feet wide, which provides a total of 33 linear feet of shelving space.

Two shelves with beveled ends (left) under a tall window join shelves with beveled ends on two adjacent walls forming two inside corners - a "three-wall wrap around."
Simply a series of Inside Corners, Wrap-Around shelving transforms any room into a personal library.

The shelves on the left side are all inside corners with a 45°-bevel because of the short distance from the wall to the entry way.

The four upper shelves on the right side are all wall-to-wall shelves with 90°-angled ends without veneer covering. The two lower shelves are 45°-angled ends with full veneer covering. These shelves form an inside corner with the shelves on the adjacent wall.

The Inside Corner shelving unit shown to the left is wall-mounted over a computer desk, adding valuable storage space that otherwise would not be available.

Outside Corner Layout

This Outside Corner layout (left) wraps into a hallway. The outside corners accentuate the floating effect of our design.

The same outside corner shelving (below) as seen from the end of the hallway.

Bower Layout

The bower shown to the left adds beauty and functionality to the bedroom. It can convert a bedroom wall into your personal library for night time reading or it can hold equipment and media for the audiophile.

The bower shelves can meet to form inside or outside corners with shelving on adjacent walls. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Our shelving can be customized for your specific needs, as shown in this conference room (right).

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